Monday, February 10, 2014 was that?

This must have been the nastiest, wickedest, tightest, weirdest, unfriendliest, and fullest of devices exam ever encountered. If someone was able to count the number of configuration lines and outputs produced in only 8 hours in so many devices in such a unsuitable working environment, he would be shocked by that number. You have very little time to think your options about any possible answers, so you must be fast and accurate on every topic.

So, despite of:
  • spending almost one hour reading the lengthy lab instructions and fixing the silly putty defaults on all devices
  • getting continuous error (os-related) messages filling my console on all IOS-XR boxes during my whole exam
  • having an unhelpful proctor giving unclear answers to two questions of mine
  • not verifying anything at the end due to time pressure

...i managed to PASS!!!

I will post more details in the next few days, after i recover from today's shock.

PS: For anyone wondering what was the first thing i did after i saw the results (besides screaming and jumping up and down), it was to submit my comments under the "Lab Critique" field.


  1. bravo Tasso ... Congratulations mate ....Time for party now .... I hope to pass my CCIE soon

  2. You are an inspiration. I am going for SP in about two weeks. I am already beginning to fre.. out. Trying to stay calm.

  3. congrats!!! I have been reading your NTS and they are really very helpful.