Monday, October 28, 2013

Looking for excuses

Excuse #1
Some years ago i was discussing with Mike Down (who was working for IPexpert at that time) about a possible collaboration. I still remember his words in his last email: "I can't wait to read about your trek for your SP CCIE! 2 months this time???".

Excuse #2
Some days after my first CCIE, i was already blogging about my next one: "CCIE Service Provider is already quite known to me, because i work for many years in an ISP and i know most of the stuff. I just need another 3-4 months (hopefully) of hard preparation and surely a good understanding of MPLS. Maybe i'll also try the CCIP before it, just like i did with CCNP. "
CCIP was completed some months afterwards and as you can see in this new blog, 3-4 months became 2 months.

Excuse #3
Two weeks ago i got a reminder from Cisco. It was about time for my CCIE recertification, but I had almost forgotten it.

So i thought: Seizing the opportunity, why not try another CCIE? What do i have to loose, besides another 3 months of hard preparation?

Then i thought again: 3 months is too much right now. My current job includes a lot of important and complex projects which cannot be delayed for such a long time, so i must make it even shorter.

So i booked the written exam for next week...

CCIE SP Written @ 04/Nov/2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Under construction

October 19, 2013 

Dear Tassos: 

Our records show your CCIE recertification deadline, January 18 2014, is approaching. We want to encourage you to prepare for and schedule one of the available CCIE written exams to satisfy the recertification requirement.

The time has come... If 3 months were enough the first time, what about 2 months this time?
And i'm not talking about the recertification of my old CCIE, but for a new CCIE certification.

This is also an experiment about how easily a new blog can be learned by the people, without any actual advertisement (or any type of link announcement) from my side. At the end of my journey i'm planning to publish all the page view statistics. Also during my preparation i will be collecting votes about the possibility to pass the CCIE lab in just 2 months.

Stay tuned...