Friday, February 7, 2014

Countdown continues...3 days left...

This is my last post before flying to Brussels (tomorrow) and having the lab exam (on Monday). I'm going to spend the next two days solely on reading & hearing my notes, plus a quick verification of some corner cases on Rack Rentals later today.

I feel quite confident about most topics, but there are some minor ones that i would prefer to have tested a little bit more. Unfortunately my work projects are haunting me and there is no way i could have found more time to be 100% ready on everything.

I'm guessing that my readiness score will be somewhere below 80% at the time of lab exam, which is what i was heading to when i started my study and this blog. As a reminder, this number refers solely to my perceived readiness (ranging from 10% to 90%) regarding specifically the CCIE SP lab topics, so it's not a general knowledge/experience score.

Next post will be on Tuesday 11/Feb/2014...hopefully with some good news.

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