Friday, January 3, 2014

Countdown continues...38 days left...

It's been almost 20 days since i started my lab study and some things are becoming a routine, which is good. I am satisfied with myself when it comes to finding solutions (although i seem to prefer strange solutions), but i'm still moving slowly when doing the configuration. That's probably expected, because i am trying not to use copy-paste when doing repetitive configurations. That way i feel i'm getting a better practice on learning the actual configuration. Maybe at later labs i will start doing more copy-paste, especially when it comes to BGP configurations, which are getting longer and longer.

Although during the holidays period i had enough free time from work, i spent quite a few hours on visiting relatives, so the actual study didn't go as fast as i expected. I did manage to progress a lot in a few specific areas, but i could have gone much better if i had spent more time on studying.

Regarding the blog, i re-organized the information in some parts so it becomes easier accessible and i am planning to do even more in this area in the next few days. I might be losing some time from my study doing this, but i feel it will be for everyone's benefit.

Also, i just finished running INE's full scale labs on GNS3 and i'll soon start doing them on Rack Rentals. I'm planning to do 4 labs in January and another 2 labs in February, while at the same time i might repeat some of them on GNS3 too. I still haven't decided how much leave i need to take from my job.

My target still remains to reach at least 65% readiness one month before the deadline, which means i'll have to push myself even harder in the remaining 8 days. I hope next Friday i'll be at that level.


  1. Thx a lot for this blog!! My CCIE SP scheduled for April 29th and I found that your approach is pretty similar to what I planed for myself. I wish you luck with preparation and LAB itself, I'm sure you will pass!

  2. Thanks a lot Nick. You are the first to comment on this blog!
    Good luck with your exam too!