Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Countdown continues...48 days left...

Almost 10 days after i started my lab study i feel i am progressing too slowly. The major issue is with the available time for studying daily, due to many projects running on work. On the weekends things are much better. Also, i am spending a significant amount of time organizing the information and presenting it on this blog.

The positive part is that due to Christmas and New Year's Eve holidays falling on weekdays, i will be able to spend more time studying on these 3 days. Also the next two weeks will probably be less intensive on work, because many people will be on leave and we have a network freeze.

Another positive thing is that i familiarized myself with the enhanced-by-me INE's GNS3 topology, so i'm not spending too much time while preparing the virtual environment. Next full scale lab will probably run during Christmas and i plan to have another one before the end of this year. Then i'm moving to Rack Rentals for some real action.

My target is to reach at least 65% readiness one month before the deadline, which means i'll have to push myself harder in the remaining 18 days.

PS: That Google+ message that appears every time i edit a page is the most annoying thing ever!

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