Monday, October 28, 2013

Looking for excuses

Excuse #1
Some years ago i was discussing with Mike Down (who was working for IPexpert at that time) about a possible collaboration. I still remember his words in his last email: "I can't wait to read about your trek for your SP CCIE! 2 months this time???".

Excuse #2
Some days after my first CCIE, i was already blogging about my next one: "CCIE Service Provider is already quite known to me, because i work for many years in an ISP and i know most of the stuff. I just need another 3-4 months (hopefully) of hard preparation and surely a good understanding of MPLS. Maybe i'll also try the CCIP before it, just like i did with CCNP. "
CCIP was completed some months afterwards and as you can see in this new blog, 3-4 months became 2 months.

Excuse #3
Two weeks ago i got a reminder from Cisco. It was about time for my CCIE recertification, but I had almost forgotten it.

So i thought: Seizing the opportunity, why not try another CCIE? What do i have to loose, besides another 3 months of hard preparation?

Then i thought again: 3 months is too much right now. My current job includes a lot of important and complex projects which cannot be delayed for such a long time, so i must make it even shorter.

So i booked the written exam for next week...

CCIE SP Written @ 04/Nov/2013

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